Wall art, nursery decor, custom designed invitations, prints (framed and unframed), wooden canvas and stretched canvas.

The door to our world of digital art is open for all to enjoy. We hope to inspire you to use our designs in your home, office, school or salon. New designs will be added on a regular basis as we grow.  Designs will be available in various formats.  Check the product description carefully.

We are proud of what we create and want to be visible on every platform. Please share our products on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We would love to see how you have used the designs.

Growing the options available to our customers is paramount. Let us know if you need something that is currently not available on the site. 

Please note our terms of use. The designs on Craftersworld.co.za remains the property of Craftersworld.co.za and are for personal use only.  You may not sell the design in any way. We are serious about copyright and will take measures if the terms of use are not adhered to.  Contact us on sales@craftersworld.co.za for wholesale options.